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Macgregor P&C Community

A way for members of the Macgregor Primary School community to connect. 

You don't have to "be in the P&C", just a parent or citizen involved with MPS

P&C Association

MPS P&C Association creates opportunities for parents and carer's, students and staff to interact, building a feeling of respect and a stronger, safer, school community and supports the school by providing volunteer led services and events, communicating with parents and fundraising for resources.


Our service provides safety and fun with a program that strives to cater for everyone. 
Affordable prices for Quality Care -

A community achieving goals that we share.


Promoting healthy food and creating a school culture of healthy eating. 


Uniform Shop

Staffed by parent volunteers and operates out of the P&C room.


Music Program

Provides children with the opportunity to learn an instrument with the convenience of being taught during school hours, by a private tutor. 


Parents Area

All school parents are automatically members of the parent association.


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